The Crown Season 3 Trailer Released
Credit: Promotional image from Netflix

As a Brit, I don’t understand. Watching a dysfunctional Royal family is constant in the UK. It’s the main reason I cut the cord — to avoid their frivolity on TV. Despite this, I still checked out The Crown Season 3 trailer.

It’s the addition of Olivia Colman that has made me curious. To date, I cannot think of one thing the actress has done that I didn’t love. I doubt she’ll somehow make me a Royalist — but a watcher of The Crown is a possibility.

The Olivia Colman Factor

The Crown ranks very high on Rotten Tomatoes. Both seasons earned 90 percent and above from critics and audience members.

For Season 3, the show creators have replaced their young cast for a more mature one. This would be a major risk — if it wasn’t for Olivia Colman.

The Oscar winner steps into the shoes of Queen Elizabeth II (and Clare Foy’s). Having already played Queen Anne in The Favourite, where she won the Oscar — it’s likely she’ll be amazing in The Crown too.

When is “The Crown” Season 3 on Netflix?

Olivia Colman is scheduled to star in 20 episodes of The Crown. Season 3 streams Sunday 17th November 2019. You can watch seasons one and two on Netflix now — just be careful if you’re password sharing with friends!

If you are unfamiliar with Olivia Colman you can see her in action in Broadchurch on Netflix or in Fleabag on Prime.

Enjoy The Crown Season 3 trailer.