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EPISODE 14: Today on the show TC and SNIPdaily’s Senior Streaming Analyst Duane Beckett provide their review of all eight episodes of the brand new Amazon Prime Video streaming series Tales from the Loop.

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The show looks great in 4k UHD and has some big-name directors attached including Andrew Stanton (Toy Story fame) and Jodi Foster. Unfortunately, the characters make mind-numbingly stupid decisions, which unfortunately take-away from Tales from the Loop. While we wanted to give it a BINGE rating, it will have to settle for a CHILL.

Our BINGE on the show today is Onward, starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland. Disney Plus has made this theatrical release available really early on its streaming platform. The winner in this is those of us who have continued to support Disney Plus during the dogs days of spring. Thanks, Disney for giving us some love during the coronavirus pandemic. Our fingers are firmly crossed for more early treats.

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Finally our KILL today is TC’s opinion on the Netflix series I’m Not Okay With This. He didn’t like it as much as Duane did, the latter giving it a BINGE rating.

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