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EPISODE 1: It’s the maiden voyage of Binge Chill Kill, SNIPdaily’s first podcast show.

Founder TC and analyst Duane predict when Stranger Things 4 will arrive while chewing on the reveal that Hopper is in Russia.

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There’s also a discussion on why Locke & Key from Netflix sucks for fans of the graphic novel and why HBO Max might be a trainwreck.

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Finally, the guys put Breaking Bad, El Camino, and Better Call Saul to the binge, kill, chill sword. Listen to the show to find out which ends up spanked.

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Binge Kill Chill definitions

"Stranger Things" predictions and an HBO Max trainwreck 2

What would you give the Kill rating to? Breaking Bad, El Camino, or Better Call Saul? Let us know on the social media links below.