Credit: Shudder TV

It’s 10:21 am. The news Shudder TV is streaming for free on the web hits my feed and my horror taste buds tingle, “hmm, sounds interesting.” The website loads, the streaming rolls, and it’s an absolute bloodbath. The movie playing was Shrew’s Nest, a Spanish tale that after 10 minutes made me curious.

Not knowing adds to the fun

My first takeaway: this site really needs an age restriction.

As the credits roll, not knowing what’s coming next is genuinely exciting. I’m already confident that whatever it is, it’ll be something that fits my favorite genres of horror, thriller, and suspense. It’s not like Shudder TV does anything else. Next up was The Valley, Episode 1. Clearly, they’re showing series too.

My second takeaway: all streaming services should have a channel that plays back-to-back content like this.

This week alone I’ve lost hours swiping through content trying to find something to watch, and too often fall back to old shows. That’s the whole reason Friends ended up streaming on my TV via Netflix again. It offered familiarity in the background as I surfed the web on my tablet.

We’ve got ourselves a reader

Back to The Valley. It’s a German mini-series with a Twin Peaks vibe that I should be digging.

Sadly, my interest in reading was waning (like yours right now). It’s a shame; the show looks interesting. Shudder TV should really mix English-language and subtitled content more.

In the time spent with Shudder TV’s free streaming, I was intrigued by what’s next rather than what was showing. That’s not good, considering the point is to tantalize people into their service.

Plus, I never remember cable TV having such excitement. Maybe guides and schedules ruined it for us, although that’s unlikely.

If you are interested in seeing what’s next on Shudder TV, check out their site now. They also have a seven-day trial, but one tip: if you subscribe via Amazon Prime Video, you won’t have access to their website. You’re welcome.