Roku Streambar Review 2022
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The Roku Streambar isn’t the best soundbar on the market, but it offers enough to be an audio upgrade for most TVs. However, it’s much more than a soundbar, it’s a Roku streaming device too.

The fact it’s small means it fits under most TVs, and despite the Roku Streambar Pro giving more power, the non-Pro version costs $50 less than its big brother. The question is, is it worth the price? Find out below:

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Christmas Deal

You can get this Roku Streambar for $99.99 right now. And at this price, this is a steal! It’s flexible to work on any TV, giving a boost to the audio while also adding access to Roku’s fantastic streaming UI.


The Streambar looks like a smaller version of the Roku Pro Soundbar. 

  • It’s a tiny speaker and should be easy to tuck under your TV. 
  • Like the Smart Soundbar, it has no controls on the front or top and features only a single indicator LED in the middle of the front panel. 
  • The back has an HDMI port, an optical audio input, a USB port, a connector for the power adapter, and a reset button. 
  • Two threaded mounting holes can also be found on the back for wall mounting.

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Audio Power and Performance

  • The speaker can project a surprisingly large sound field, thanks to the two angled drivers helping direct some of the sounds toward the walls for reflection.
  • The Streambar is nicely balanced for other music, despite the lack of powerful bass. 
  • The Streambar can also put out some impressive cinematic audio for such a small speaker.
Roku Streambar Review 2022
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Pros and Cons Roku Streambar 


  • Great value for money
  • A small soundbar fits into any set-up
  • Can be mounted 
  • Produces crisp and well-rounded sound
  • Great choice of channels and apps


  • No Dolby Atmos support

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Streaming Quality 

  • The Roku Streambar offers 4K HDR streaming of apps and channels, 
  • The picture quality was sharp and bright across the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube, and there was no lag.
  • A Roku device is a good option if you want a more neutral offering than big entertainment brands like Amazon or Apple.

Should you buy it?

The $100 Roku Streambar is for people who value small size and simplicity yet still want better sound and the best streaming options for their TV.

It’s easy to connect and set up, just as easy to use, and its streamer behaves like an ordinary Roku in every respect. It has more pros than cons, and we rank it #1 on our streaming device Top 10.

  • You get 4K streaming and access to apps such as Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, and YouTube and richer sound quality.
  • The Roku Streambar is almost half the size of most soundbars, but it still delivers well-rounded sound that is noticeably better than that of a TV alone. Plus, the size will fit into any TV set-up with no problem.
  • The streaming quality is great, with no lag, and voice control via the remote app means you can search the homepage hands-free.

With all this said, we definitely recommend you check out the Roku Streambar.

Where can you buy Roku Streambar? 

There are multiple places you can get Roku Soundbar, including:

  • You can get it from Amazon.
  • Go to your local Best Buy or order it online. 
  • Go to your local Target or order it online.