Ranking The Best Of Screen Rant'S &Quot;Pitch Meetings&Quot; On Youtube
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For those who love satire about the film and TV industries, we’re ranking the best Pitch Meetings on YouTube by Screen Rant. These choices are a treasure trove of side-splitting content.

Created by Ryan George, Pitch Meetings features a two-camera setup in which George portrays a creator pitching a movie or TV idea to an executive — also played by George.

Fast-paced dialogue, go-to catchphrases and an overarching deconstruction of cinematic storytelling make Pitch Meetings an endearing, enduring YouTube gem. Find out where the best of the best series entries rank below.

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Best Pitch Meetings on YouTube

1. Batman & Robin

From the very start, the premise of trying to improve upon the poorly received Batman Forever sets the tone. The “writer” comes up with all sorts of ways to appeal to the masses. One of these ways is the incessant use of “ice” puns.

For those who need a refresher on Batman & Robin, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as main villain Mr. Freeze. Let’s just say the film leans on Arnold’s penchant for delivering one-liners in classic action movies a tad too often.

The plot description fully reveals just how preposterous in scope this superhero misfire was. Alas, George Clooney’s version of Batman had to die for us to enjoy the Christopher Nolan trilogy. All’s well that ends well!

2. Home Alone

Some of the best YouTube content about Home Alone focuses on how ridiculously death defiant the Wet Bandits are going through Kevin McCallister’s sadistic set of booby traps, but Pitch Meetings takes a different approach.

It does cover that ground, yet this Home Alone entry also ponders the absurdity of the premise. So many elements had to fall in place before the screenplay’s inciting incident even occurred.

John Hughes seems to have gotten the maximum mileage out of the “suspension of disbelief” concept in Home Alone. But hey, he got away with it. The result is a holiday classic.

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3. Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens‘ episode lays out all the plot points reanimated from A New Hope and goes through all the coincidences of the story. George really takes Episode VII to task.

For instance, he talks about the characters of Poe and Finn and how they embark upon a “Stormtrooper murder rampage.” It doesn’t even seem to faze Finn that he must be killing many of his friends during his initial escape.

Then, of course, the bashing of Rey. The writer goes through his “inspiration” for the character’s name. Its genesis was allegedly rooted in a mutual appreciation for Everybody Loves Raymond. Instead of a character arc, Rey’s journey is characterized more of a character “upwards line.”

4. Justice League

It’s no secret Justice League had a tumultuous production — and lukewarm reception. From Affleck’s jarring Batman character shift to Wonder Woman’s writer-induced, objectified regression from her standalone movie, it wasn’t pretty.

The writer’s excitement over Aquaman saying things like, “My man!” and being a badass for boozing is a notable highlight.

Poking fun at the continuity from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, George blasts everything about Superman’s involvement in Justice League. Henry Cavill’s mustache controversy is the mere tip of the iceberg.

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5. Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones

Ooft. We all know Hayden Christensen’s Anakin Skywalker wasn’t well-received in Attack of the Clones. Some of that is George Lucas’ wooden writing. Lucas’ direction obviously left something to be desired.

Anakin is even creepier toward his love interest, Padme Amidala, than you probably remember. When the “writer” is pitching the “executive,” the latter even calls him a predator!

Additionally, the lack of foresight and oversight on the CGI-heavy film is explored herein to hilarious results. This Pitch Meeting is the longest episode of this ranking list, but well worth sitting — and cackling — through.

6. The Dark Knight

The logic leaps of the opening robbery sequence are rather obvious in retrospect. Audiences at the time were just happy Batman & Robin was no longer the Caped Crusader gold standard.

Oh, and Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker became legendary, cemented by a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. However, Joker getting away in a line of school buses after that bank robbery really makes no sense. Very conspicuous indeed.

In The Dark Knight, the Joker gets super lucky that his plans work exactly how they’re supposed to, too. Check out the video above for a more thorough explanation of that and more!

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7. The Matrix

Finally, we arrive at The Matrix. The post-colon portion of this video title really says it all: “Keanu Reeves And Lots Of Leather.”

That’s a decent overall summary of what the groundbreaking sci-fi classic essentially is in terms of aesthetics. We all know The Matrix is a masterpiece of high-concept ideas like simulation theory, blended with religious symbolism and incredible action scenes.

Nevertheless, it’s an absolute joy to sit back, plug one’s mind into this video for a little under six minutes, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all Pitch Meetings is offering is the truth!