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Today on Binge Kill Chill, TC updates his NBC’s Peacock review after almost a week of testing, and Swaggy-D says “I told you so.” 

Plus TC dumps YouTube TV. He really does hate all that bundling nonsense. 

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Peacock Review & I Told You So

Last week TC put down the big bucks to take NBC’s Peacock for a test run. It wasn’t the free edition either, it was the super-deluxe no-ads version. You’d expect it to come fully loaded, packed with goodies but from day one TC was disappointed.

During the podcast he pays the new kid on the streaming block a couple of compliments.

  1. TC called exclusive show Brave New World entertaining. Saying that after two episodes he planned to continue watching. Giving it a modest CHILL rating in the process. The audience on Rotten Tomatoes gives it 88-percent.
  2. TC also said the interface was nice, responsive, and clean.

Watch the trailer for Brave New World below:

Outside of a handful of movies and the above two compliments, TC loathed Peacock.

In a previous episode, Swaggy-D called the service a promotion tool for NBC products, and in this episode, he made the claim it’s a free service to go alongside Pluto TV and The Roku Channel.

When TC first got the service he had hopes. Yet, less than 7-days into his trial the host’s opinions were unanimous…

NBC’s Peacock streaming platform gets a KILL rating.

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