Nbc Peacock’s Reported $10 Price Point May Be Best Streaming Deal
Credit: Back to the Future official promo image

New NBC streaming service Peacock launches in April, and is reportedly considering a $10 price point without ads. Compared to competitors and considering the content involved, that may be the sweetest deal in streaming.

News of this recently came from The Information, and the report also added Peacock could be as low as $4.99 with ads.

How does Peacock’s price point stack up?

Apple TV+ matches the $4.99 per month price point, but without ads! However, it doesn’t boast any movie catalog despite some strong initial in-house programming. Disney+ is a cheaper $6.99 potential alternative, yet lacks new programming. Plus, (pun intended) much of the content is obviously family-oriented and nostalgia-heavy.

HBO Max swings to the opposite end of the spectrum from Disney+. It’s a decisively more adult demographic — and it’s slated to have an industry-high $14.99 per month price point when it launches in May.

Netflix’s most popular plan is $12.99, and financial experts suggest it might be time to bail on the streaming giant. Finally, Hulu is at $5.99 per month for its basic package, but has an interesting, uncertain future since it’s under full Disney control.

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What makes NBC’s Peacock stand out?

Peacock has tons of original programming on the way. In addition to that, the new streamer acquired exclusive rights to classic TV shows. These include 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Cheers, House and others. Parks & Recreation and The Office eventually arrive in October 2020 and January 2021 respectively, too.

But fear not, movie buffs: there are plenty of quality films coming to Peacock as well. From comedic classics like Meet the Parents, to kids entertainment like Shrek, Steven Spielberg’s E.T. and Jaws and even Back to the Future, Peacock pulls no cinematic punches despite NBC’s deep TV history.

Between a wealth of new content coming, lucrative preexisting IP deals for iconic TV series and a nice variety of movies, this $10 Peacock price point may well be the best bargain on the streaming market.

As the new year approaches, keep NBC Peacock in the back of your mind. You might want to pounce on this deal once you can.