Monica Lewinsky, Hbo Max Partner For 15 Minutes Of Shame
Credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

BroadwayWorld reported recently that Monica Lewinsky will partner with HBO Max for a documentary titled 15 Minutes of Shame. She will also appear in the film, which covers public shaming in modern culture.

Lewinsky confirmed her involvement on Twitter and expressed enthusiasm about the film:

Below is a quote from the BroadwayWorld report by HBO Max head of original content Sarah Aubrey, who praised Lewinsky and her co-executive producer, Max Joseph:

Monica Lewinsky is an anti-bullying activist with unparalleled authority, making her the perfect partner for this project…And Max’s strong advocacy for social justice and distinctive storytelling make him particularly well-suited to explore this complex modern phenomenon.


The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and aftermath

Lewinsky’s scandal with former U.S. President Bill Clinton was widely covered in the media. She suffered from public shaming and faced cyberbullying. In many ways, Lewinsky was the first public figure to have this experience.

Thankfully, she’s taken her negative exposure from bullying in stride to become a celebrated anti-bullying advocate and a dependable voice on related issues.

How it all ties to this new documentary

15 Minutes of Shame will cover Lewinsky’s personal story and many more like it. People from all over the world will share how they were shamed and bullied. It seems there too will be commentary on the influence of society, the mass media and the political climate on these issues.

As for Lewinsky’s fellow exec, Joseph is well-suited for this project. He was a co-host and cinematographer for seven seasons on Catfish, the renowned MTV show.

Catfish‘s hosts help people in dubious online relationships determine whether the person they’re with is who they say they are. Often the romantic counterparts are scammers.

HBO Max doesn’t go live until this coming Spring. However, it may well have landed an influential documentary from Lewinsky and its producers, Six West. That’ll only help bolster its status among top streaming providers prior to launch.