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Italy is a stunning location for movies. It’s a dream vacation for many travelers who love art, culture, and cuisine. The landscape features beautiful architecture filled with rich history, and vibrant colors and aromas. But what are some of the most well-known movies set in Italy?

From wine and coffee to pasta and cheese, Italy is known for its outstanding food, but also its landscape. The Amalfi Coast shows a charming town filled with colorful cliffs, and their Colosseum is the perfect backdrop for ancient Roman Empire fights and trials.

Home to romance and ancient history, these are the best movies set in Italy that are a must-see if you want to experience the country from the comfort of your living room.

5. Letters to Juliet, Hulu and Prime Video (2010)

5 Best Movies Set In Italy
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4. Call Me By Your Name, Prime Video (2017)

Call Me By Your Name, Sony Pictures Classics
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3. Gladiator, Paramount and Prime Video (2000)

Gladiator, Dreamworks Distribution
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2. Life is Beautiful, Prime Video (1997)

Life Is Beautiful, Miramax Films
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1. The Godfather, Paramount and Prime Video (1972)

Best Godfather Movie Quotes, Paramount Pictures
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