Hulu Best Streaming Service
Credit: Alan Light, 44th Emmy Awards

USA Today picks Hulu as the best streaming service. It’s news because it’s rare!

On the flipside, SNIPdaily’s editor nails his opinion to the post daily. And he put Hulu fourth. Behind Prime, Netlfix, and Disney+.

So, is Hulu the best streaming service? Or is USA Today talking smack? Regardless, it’s on.

Welcome to The Hulu Games!

USA Today and Hulu start big

Ding ding, round one. USA Today comes out strong with a hearty flurry of opinions.

Hulu tops our list because it’s a broadly appealing service that offers plenty of genres and styles without scraping the bottom of the barrel for new content. The ability to watch current broadcast shows in-season is a huge advantage. And Hulu has the best selection of archival TV series with a solid showing of films, too.

USA Today

SNIPdaily’s already on the ropes. But it’s throwing a combination back. It’s an Amazon Prime right, followed by a Netflix big left.

More familiar films without an oversaturation of original content helps Amazon’s in-house stories to stand out better from the crowd.


The O.G. streaming providers boast the largest subscriber base, and offer incredible entertainment selection. For all the swings and misses Netflix has in greenlighting a great many projects, they have huge hits that defy the odds.


USA Today‘s legs are wobbling. That Netflix big left about “hits that defy the odds” clearly shook Hulu!

Hulu weakness becomes Netflix low blow

Its (Hulu) originals could be better, but the service has wisely chosen not to overload us with shoddy new programming, a mistake its biggest competitor, Netflix, has unfortunately made.

USA Today

That’s a low blow ref! USA Today gives Hulu’s originals a kick. Distracting SNIPdaily from the big follow up. A cutting remark about Netflix.

At this point, it really could be anyone’s fight. But here comes SNIPdaily again. This time with the old Disney rope-a-dope.

Let’s talk about Mouse House’s groundbreaking initiative. With ownership over many key IPs, Disney is poised to have a massively successful venture into the streaming world when Disney+ goes live November 12.


It’s getting messy out there. That Disney+ flurry has left USA Today with weak knees. But what’s this!

The realization about Hulu

Hulu’s value is likely to grow in the next few years, now that Disney effectively owns the service. Adult Marvel content will likely gravitate here, along with a trove of FX series.

USA Today

SNIPdaily didn’t see that coming. What a comeback. Hulu is Disney!

Now it’s USA Today with fancy footwork and combinations.

  • Hulu is $5.99/month with ads, $12.99 without.
  • Hulu has award-winning shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and The Act.
  • Hulu streams currently airing TV shows from ABC, NBC, and Fox.
  • Hulu has classics like Seinfeld and Boyz n the Hood.

Ding, ding! Ding, ding! This streaming face-off is over! USA Today wins by backing Hulu.

Those combinations did it. Streaming currently airing TV shows dazzled SNIPdaily. But it was when USA Today said “Seinfeld,” the lights went out. Who doesn’t love Seinfeld!

USA Today picked Hulu as best streaming service. And this month, in this face-off, they’re right! Revenge will be ours! Muhahaha!