Imdb Funniest Bluey Episodes For Adults
IMDb Funniest Bluey Episodes for Adults

It’s not every day that you find a show meant for kids that adults enjoy too. While I’m sure some of us have stopped and watched a couple of episodes while our kid is preoccupied, Bluey is a show that many adults with or without kids have watched on their own accord.

That’s because Bluey is a bit different than other kids shows, with moments and scenes seeming to be directed for adults. So, what are the best and funniest Bluey episodes for adults to check out? While every episode is a delight, and there are several episodes that talk about adult issues, these are the funniest Bluey episodes that we could find.

25. “Magic Xylophone” (Season 1, Episode 1)

Starting strong with the very first episode, the Magic Xylophone introduces the characters and show to world, making it one of the most important episodes a show could have. And Bluey started off on a great foot on this one. Dad, or Bandit, is first shown and gives the best introduction to his playful and patient self.

The Dad does a great job at playing with the girls and going along with anything they do. It’s a funny and imaginative show that also focuses on the importance of sharing.

24. “Sticky Gecko” (Season 2, Episode 12)

Dealing with the chaos of kids can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to do something. In Sticky Gecko, we watch Mom, or Chilli, try to get the girls ready to leave. Mom has several little games to keep them moving and ready.

The main objective is to catch the gecko that is stuck to the wall, and with each little bit getting unstuck, the more Mom’s patience runs thin. We see wonderful moments of Bingo saying she brushed her teeth and then showing off her disgusting mouth, to Mom giving Bluey the look when she asks, “Why do I have to help?”, which was quickly followed with an “ooo, okay”.

We also see an adorable interaction between Bluey and Mom who talks about why she wants them to grow up to be good kids, all finishing with Mom landing a great save on catching the Gecko at the very end.

23. “BBQ” (Season 1, Episode 7)

Where are all my Bingo lovers? I certainly adore her, she’s one of my favorite characters in the show. If you do enjoy her, then BBQ is a must watch.

The Heeler family is having a BBQ at their home, and Bingo is ready to relax in her relaxing chair, however, it seems there’s always something that she needs to be doing to prepare for the BBQ. From making sure salads have various peppers in the ways of flowers, and dressing with mud, Bingo goes on several adventures to prepare for Bluey’s BBQ alongside her father.

Some of the best moments include Dad always getting bumped around from Bingo’s antiques, and watching Stripe, the uncle, laugh like mad. As well as Bingo losing control of the hose that’s on and getting all muddy, as well as the hose “tickling her bottom”. There’s always chaos in the Heeler family, and this time Bingo caused most of it!

22. “Double Babysitter” (Season 2, Episode 25)

One of my favorite episodes is Double Babysitter, which is just as it describes. Mom and Dad are off on a date for themselves, and they need a babysitter for the evening. Thankfully, Uncle Rad is on the case!

But unfortunately, Frisky, the original babysitter and Bluey’s godmother, didn’t receive the message that she wasn’t needed. Now, the girls have two babysitters. And the two of them make quite a pair. The girls ask 20-questions which lead to very uncomfortable questions for the both of them like, why isn’t Uncle Rad around more, and why doesn’t he have a wife yet? While Frisky has to admit that her previous relationship is no longer a thing.

Eventually, after some fun and games, Frisky and Uncle Rad tell a wonderful bedtime story for both the kids with an adorable story about love.

21. “Fancy Restaurant” (Season 2, Episode 14)

Fancy Restaurant is one of the funniest Bluey episodes for adults and really depicts the sacrifices we make when we love someone, as Bluey and Bingo create a restaurant to learn more about romance.

Dad and Mom pretend that they’re on a first date, and Dad does his best to romance Mom. One of the funniest moments in Bluey has to be when Bluey is yelling at Bingo about the specials from across the room and Bingo is yelling back “the WHAT?”. With the restaurant only serving baked beans, Bingo manages to whip up something truly special for a couple and brings out the most atrocious-looking meal you could think of.

When the meals are presented, Dad swaps with mom and eats the meal, making Mom a little bit more in love, and the kids thrilled that their plan “worked”.

20. “Granny Mobile” (Season 3, Episode 34)

Granny Mobile is one of the newer episodes of Bluey and features Muffin, arguably one of the most fan-favorite characters within the series. Muffin is the daughter of Uncle Stripe, Bluey and Bingo’s cousin, and is a chaotic girl that often rages.

Muffin, Bluey and Bingo notice that there’s a garage sale and stop by to play with the Granny Mobile, an item on sale. Muffin is a grouchy granny that is the boss of any episode she is featured in, which makes it hilarious. The best moment is when an actual grouchy granny comes by and wants to purchase the granny mobile.

Muffin banters with the granny and with a price that was originally $300, manages to reach a price up to $1,200. It’s a hilarious episode that truly represents Muffin and her chaotic nature.

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19. “Pizza Girls” (Season 3, Episode 19)

Of course, one of the funniest Bluey episodes for adults has to be Pizza Girls, another episode where Muffin is front and center. When Bingo and Bluey are running a pizza shop using their old car, they get overrun by Muffin who uses her electronic, fast car.

The chaos ensues with Muffin goes a little too fast, zipping around the yard and becoming a speed demon. It’s an adorable and funny interaction between the girls and their cousin, which eventually leads to the car dying of battery, which makes Muffin and the girls down to their knees in mud to prepare pizzas the original way, using Bluey and Bingo’s reliable older car.

18. “Seesaw” (Season 2, Episode 27)

For those that might not know by now, Dad is one of the main additions to any adventure and game that the girls start. And one such episode that shows that Dad might play a bit too much but for a good reason is in Seesaw.

The episode has the Heeler girls playing with PomPom, a small Pomeranian that struggles to play games with the girls because of her size. Down on herself and her size, she decides she doesn’t want to play. Dad does his best to include her by bullying the girls playfully on the Seesaw, making sure they can’t play.

Even with all the surrounding kids to help, it takes a little Pomeranian to truly kick the bully off the Seesaw, because Pomeranians “are small but hardy breeds!”

17. “Grandad” (Season 2, Episode 29)

We don’t see much of the grandparents in the series, except for Grandma from time to time. But Chilli’s dad is one worth mentioning.

Grandad is one of the funniest Bluey episodes for adults not only because Grandad is old fashioned and pretty funny, but we get to see Chilli back in her element, scouring the lands she grew up in during a chase between Grandad and the kids. Grandad is need of rest but is too wild-natured to let Chilli tell him what to do. We even see Chilli taking a dive in the lake just to chase them on a boat.

It’s a heartwarming episode that teaches those about taking care of their body no matter what but is also hilarious as you watch the cat-and-mouse chase.

16. “Takeaway” (Season 1, Episode 14)

If Sticky Gecko wasn’t enough chaos for you, then wait until you watch Takeaway, one of the funniest Bluey episodes. In this one, Dad has to deal with reigning in the kids while picking up takeaway for the evening’s dinner.

The kids are bored by waiting for the food and makes sure they find fun in their own way. From playing in the water, playing restaurant and causing a whole entire mess that would make the night ruined for most family, this is a hilarious episode.

15. “Sleepover” (Season 1, Episode 39)

There’s absolutely no way to include the funniest Bluey episodes for adults without including Sleepover, one of the most well-known and beloved episodes thanks to Muffin, our lovely crazy child.

Bluey and Bingo have a sleepover with Muffin and are thrilled to be able to stay up a bit later because of it, but unfortunately Muffin has missed a sleep to ween off naps during the day. But of course, the kids aren’t going to let that stop them from staying up late.

They do everything in their power to push the limits of Muffin’s sleep deprivation, even when she comes around saying the most outrageous and odd things like “I AM A LLAMA, EATING A BANANA!”

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14. “Dad Baby” (Season 2, Episode 13)

Being pregnant is one of the best feelings yet one of the worst and hardest times. And of course, Bluey had to make sure to make an episode depicting that. In Dad Baby, an episode that unfortunately is not available on Disney Plus, Dad is pregnant with little Bingo in one of the many games Bluey comes up with.

Dad acts pregnant while poking fun of Mom, who often slaps him in defiance of his teasing. Dad learns the struggles of pregnancy through the game, making it a hilarious episode for adults.

13. “Sleepytime” (Season 2, Episode 9)

Another personal favorite is Sleepytime, which not only makes me laugh but does make me cry. This episode focuses on Bingo and shows her going to sleep and having an adventurous dream.

In an effort to sleep like a big girl tonight and end up in her own bed, Bingo goes on a journey with her stuffed rabbit, Floppy, where she floats around the house sleepwalking, moving around in her dream that is set in space. Mom and Dad both are also struggling to sleep, as they’re both kicked out of bed, stomped at, pushed, kicked and poked by both Bluey and Bingo.

While it’s heartwarming that Bingo and Mom have such a meaningful relationship with Mom giving Bingo a constant sense of comfort, it’s hilarious watching the two kids practically beat up dad in his bed.

12. “Muffin Cone” (Season 2, Episode 39)

Is there ever really an episode of Muffin that isn’t funny? By the way the list is going, not really.

One of the funniest Bluey episodes for adult is Muffin Cone, which features Muffin constantly sucking her thumb, and thanks to that, she’s in a big cone. When she visits Bluey and Bingo, they struggle to find a game that she can play in with the cone.

The irony of it all is that Trix is struggling to contain herself too as she eats a whole bowl of chips in one sitting, and then quickly realizes that some things can’t be helped and to go easy on the girl. But as soon as they plan to take the muffin off, they come to realize that Bluey and Bingo have created the perfect games with Muffin in her cone.

11. “Swim School” (Season 2, Episode 31)

If Bluey is ever taking charge, you’re in for a crazy adventure, and that’s exactly what happens in Swim School. Like the name suggests, the Heeler family play Swim School. Bluey is the teacher of the school, which is wonderful at first until the rest of the Heeler family manages to move up in their teaching school.

Eventually, Margaret comes in as the teacher and creates chaos. Margaret influences the family to tattle-tell, or dob, which creates a slip between the family. With her intense training, like sitting on Dad’s stomach “like a bag of coconuts”, she fails the whole family unless they dob.

10. “Bus” (Season 2, Episode 22)

Here come the grannies! Bluey and Bingo often dress up at Grannies, characters in which come up regularly throughout the show. In one episode, Bus, the Grannies are back to help Mom, playing a stranger on the bus, confess to Dad, the driver of the bus, her love.

From causing absolute chaos in the bus like several stops and wrecking the whole bus, it’s a wonderful episode. But unfortunately, the driver doesn’t share the passengers love, as he’s married to an inflatable giraffe apparently.

9. “Taxi” (Season 1, Episode 25)

Similar to Bus, Taxi has Bluey as the driver and Bingo and Dad as passengers. Dad is just trying to get to the airport to get to his flight, but Bingo is following him throughout the Taxi and airport, all while taking care of her baby, which apparently throws up on Dad at any chance it can.

Dad’s frustration builds of course, and Bingo revels at poking his buttons, which creates a hilarious interaction between the two characters.

8. “Hammerbarn” (Season 2, Episode 1)

An episode that talks about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence comes to life in this episode.

One of the funniest Bluey episodes for adults is Hammerbarn where it shows that life isn’t always fair. One a trip to Hammerbarn for Dad to pick up a pizza oven, Bluey and Bingo create a wonderful backyard within a shopping cart. Right away, all retail workers can laugh at the worker at Hammerbarn that gives the most detailed description of where the pizza oven is, portraying how most of us were after spending maybe a bit too long at a job.

And then soon, we see Bingo and Bluey fighting for the fairest backyard in the cart, and eventually we see the two fussing over their ‘husbands’ the garden gnomes.

7. “The Quiet Game” (Season 2, Episode 37)

I’m sure most parents love the idea of the quiet game, and for some it might work, but I’m sure for a lot of other parents, the quiet game isn’t something that always works out. In this episode, we see Dad taking the kids to go shop for a present for Muffin, and in doing so, he created the Quiet Game in hopes for the kids to be a little quieter.

However, it quickly backfires when he realizes that if they bring the wrong present to Muffin, a meltdown will certainly happen, which creates a hilarious game of charades as the kids try to give him the answer without speaking, even though Dad is begging for a vocalized answer.

6. “Stump Fest” (Season 2, Episode 15)

It’s wonderful to see Dad going along with any and every adventure the girls have in mind, even when he doesn’t like it. The encouragement to be imaginative is beautiful. One such episode that highlights this while creating a hilarious moment is Stumpfest, where Dad, Uncle Stripe and Lucky’s Dad come together to rip up stumps.

They feel the manliest until the kids make a bargain with the dads about doing their makeup before they can get ahold of their stump. So as the men completely destroy the stumps, they’re decked out in beautiful paints and frills.

5. “Faceytalk” (Season 3, Episode 24)

Faceytalk is definitely one of my favorites, and its one of the funniest Bluey episodes I know. Faceytalk features Bluey and Bingo on facetime with Muffin and Socks having a video call where they can draw on the screen, and the main theme is that you need to share with siblings.

When Muffin refuses to share, she’s said that she can’t be on the video call anymore. But somehow, Muffin gets ahold of a phone and joins the call, creating for a hilarious chase between Uncle Stripe and Muffin, who run around the whole house and hides in various spots to avoid getting caught, and at the very end, is seen dropping the phone off the balcony into the pool.

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4. “Unicorse” (Season 3, Episode 7)

Sleeping can be hard, especially when you’d rather play. So, when Bluey has trouble falling asleep and looks to her parents for some help, Dad does what he does best, plays around. With his help, he brings in Unicorse, the chaotic and brutal puppet that quite literally says his favorite food is “children”.

With his lovely catchphrase of “why should I care?”, the Unicorse tries his best to get Bluey to sleep, even though he constantly interrupts the story and causes more chaos and stress than one might want during the late evening.

3. “Cricket” (Season 3, Episode 47)

This is one of the newer episodes that is currently airing in Australia but not in America yet, and it features the family along with the neighborhood playing a friendly game of cricket.

However, when Rusty is up, Dad has a hard time getting Rusty out. The story is narrated by Dad as he takes viewers on the journey of Rusty and why he not only loves cricket so much, but why he’s so good at it, showing Rusty’s gradual improvements and how it helps him in the current episode.

The various dads work hard to try and get him out, and at the last moment, one of my favorite scenes, Lucky’s Dad yells and throws the best he can, and eventually is out by Rusty’s little sister, and the dads are just in complete shock. A wonderful, funny Bluey episode.

2. “Baby Race” (Season 2, Episode 50)

There isn’t enough space to write about why Baby Race is an amazing episode. Not only is this one of the funniest Bluey episodes, but it’s an incredibly important episode for all adults out there.

Parenting can be incredibly difficult, and for new moms, it can be hard to know if you’re on the right track. Baby Race shows this. When Mom is sitting down speaking with Bluey and Bingo, she tells the girls that life isn’t a race, and we all go our own pace, and then describes the time when Mom thought she was falling behind because Bluey wasn’t on schedule with Judo.

When Judo learned to crawl, Bluey was butt-scooting around, or crawling backwards. And while the scenes were hilarious, it also showed that not everyone goes the same pace. And I’ll guarantee you’ll shed some tears at the end when Bingo goes “maybe you just saw something you wanted”.

1. “Bumpy & The Wise Old Wolfhound” (Season 1, Episode 32)

I don’t think I can describe my love for this episode. It’s absolutely hilarious, while also heartbreaking. The episode starts with Bingo and Mom at the hospital and Bingo wanting to go home but has to stay for another night.

Thankfully, the rest of the family comes up with a plan and sends a video for Bingo to watch. The video, a short film, has Bluey and the rest of the family depicting an epic journey where Bluey wants a puppy, but once she has a puppy, which is Socks who’s really against being part of the movie, finds out it’s terribly sick.

On a journey to heal and help the puppy, Bluey encounters several amazing characters, like Dad describing that he “has bum worms”, and Muffin, not only breaking Mom’s favorite vase, but truly struggling with the name Barnicus. The film shows the horrible acting of the family of the most monotone “maybe you should wish upon a star” from Dad.

The movie is absolutely hilarious as they do their best to make the film work, all eventually boiling down to the fact that everyone gets sick from time to time, and that’s okay, all to make Bingo feel a bit better.

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What Is Bluey About?

Bluey is an Australian animated preschool television series created by Joe Brumm. The show follows Bluey, an anthropomorphic six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who is energetic, imaginative and curious about the world. The puppy lives with her father, Bandit, and mother Chilli, as well as her younger sister, Bingo, who joins Bluey on her many adventures.

Brumm was inspired to create this show based on his experiences in raising two daughters, and worked on creating a show that focused more on imagination and play rather than focusing on some of the other learning aspects from other shows.

Each episode lasts about 8 minutes long with several episodes within one season, a perfect little snippet of adventure that helps draw in your child while keeping it pretty short and sweet.

Where to Watch Bluey?

You can find Bluey through Disney Plus with a membership or purchased through Prime Video.

Disney Plus Membership

If you’re wanting a Disney Plus membership, here is everything you need to know about the streaming service.

For just the Basic Disney Plus membership it’s $7.99 a month and it includes ads. For the Premium that gives you no ads plus downloadable content to watch on the go, it’s $13.99 a month.

You can also do bundles, for instance the Basic Disney Duo Bundle that gives you Disney Plus with Hulu, both with ads, it’s only $9.99 a month. The Premium Disney Duo Bundle that gives you Disney Plus with Hulu with no ads is $19.99 a month.

The Trio Basic that has ads with Disney, Hulu and ESPN is $14.99 a month. The Premium Trio that doesn’t have ads is $24.99 a month.

And then there’s the Legacy Bundle with has Disney Plus with no ads, Hulu with ads, ESPN with ads, it’s $18.99 a month.

How Many Seasons Are in Bluey?

There are currently 3 seasons in Bluey, with a total of 171 episodes. However, there are some episodes that are not streaming in America, unfortunately.

Is Bluey Just for Kids?

Absolutely not! Since its release, several adults, whether they have kids or not, adore the show. Some even go as far as to say that it’s healing to watch it.

For those that have kids, this is the perfect show to watch with them, and for those that don’t but want to see some of the healthiest parenting styles, you need to check it out.

It’s an important show, even if it has classic, child-related themes like sharing is caring. Plus, the show really does dive into important matters for adults like infertility, parenting, and the acceptance of death.