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Ruining Home Alone isn’t enough for Disney. They’re also ruining, I mean, rebooting Turner & Hooch. The 1989 Tom Hanks hit is already in early development as a TV series. What’s next, a remake of The Lion King? Oh…wait. 

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What we know

  • Matt Nix (Burn Notice) will write and be the executive producer on the series.
  • The original movie plot was about Scott Turner, a detective who lives a very tidy life until murder witness (and dog) Hooch comes along.
  • The original is available to stream now on Disney+.

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Why it sucks

What’s being done to Home Alone is too hard to talk about, but Disney’s reboot of Turner & Hooch does have one positive: it gives me a chance to vent.

Despite there being very little information, the part that drives me insane is the reboot in and of itself. Why do it? The original is perfect. I had the same question for The Lion King, Jungle Book, Mulan (coming soon), et al. 

Disney is stuck in this rebooting phase, and it’s not improving anything — it actually makes content worse. Best example: my daughter, her friends, my wife, my nieces, and nephews, and even I loved the original The Lion King. Then, we watched the remake. We all agreed it looked and sounded amazing in 4K, yet the jokes suck, and the life-like characters have no personality. Everyone I know who has watched it, kids and adults alike, say the original is way better. So what was the point?

Only the Beauty and the Beast remake is on par with the original, so the odds don’t look good for Disney+’s Turner & Hooch. Disney, please stop, because you’re breaking this grumpy old man’s heart.

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