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It has been reported that Emilio Estevez will be back as Coach Bombay in Disney+’s The Mighty Ducks Series reboot.

If true, it’s a great move by Disney+, because it is impossible to imagine this intellectual property without him. No Estevez, no nostalgia fix, and therefore no interest from those who grew up in the ’90s.

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What we know about the reboot?

  • The original movies took place in Minnesota, but the reboot takes place in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Filming begins in March, so expect lots of news about the show, including its cast and crew soon.
  • According to Newsweek, the reboot might be on Disney+ by the end of 2020.
  • The original writer Steven Brill and producer Jordan Keener are both working on the reboot.
  • James Griffiths (A Million Little Things) will direct the first season (10 episodes).
  • The reboot follows a 13-year-old boy and his mother looking to start their own hockey team. They need to find players, a place to play, and a new coach.

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The Mighty Ducks in the 90s

The first movie in the Mighty Ducks trilogy premiered in 1992. The story focused on Estevez’s Gordon Bombay, an attorney ordered to coach a troubled youth hockey team after being arrested for a DUI. What followed was a feel-good sports movie about friendships that remains one of the top ’90s movies for nostalgia.

The sequel in 1994 had Coach Bombay form Team USA to challenge in the Junior Goodwill Games. In 1996, the third and final movie in the trilogy, Bombay (Estevez) passed over his coaching responsibilities.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Estevez’s Coach Bombay has been doing since the ’90s. One thing is certain: now that the actor is involved, we’ll be streaming The Mighty Ducks once it premieres on Disney+.

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