Bold Predictions For “The Mandalorian” Chapter 8 On Disney+
Credit: Official The Mandalorian promo image (via Twitter)

The Mandalorian‘s debut season finale streams Friday on Disney+, so let’s get into some bold predictions for “Chapter 8.”

Last week’s episode left us hanging in suspense, with Mando and Cara Dune pinned by imperial loyalists inside a bar on Navarro. Meanwhile, Moff Gideon seems about to take Baby Yoda into custody.

Let’s speculate what craziness could be in store for this highly anticipated Star Wars conclusion.

Cara Dune sacrifices herself in stormtrooper shootout

After saving Baby Yoda in “Chapter 4,” the former rebel shock trooper joined forces with Mando in “Chapter 7” to aid the child’s high-stakes exchange with the Client.

Unfortunately, things went south. The episode ended with Mando and Cara stuck. The good news is Cara has what looks like a thermal detonator she could use to bail them out.

In the spirit of being bold here, though, it seems likely that Cara will make a heroic stand to keep Baby Yoda alive. The Mandalorian hasn’t utilized supporting characters a ton, so it seems fitting to make Cara a martyr of sorts.

Cara’s sacrifice is to stave off the return of the Empire, which eventually, as we know, becomes the First Order. But her demise will further fuel Mando to fight against the imperial overlords.

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Mando swipes Baby Yoda from Moff Gideon

Speaking of which, “Chapter 8” should progress with our Mandalorian using Cara’s sacrifice to confront Moff Gideon and take the child from him.

Now to be fair, there’s a brief shot of Mando in one of the promo trailers getting on top of Gideon’s ship. It’s unclear whether Baby Yoda would be on that ship, yet it makes sense that the high-ranking officer would want to carry the invaluable asset with him personally.

After escaping a stormtrooper shootout in “Chapter 3,” the season-ender will see Mando do the same again. He’ll probably find a back way out of the bar, and use Cara’s sacrifice as an opportune moment to go guerilla-style around the town and take out troopers one by one.

From there, Mando uses his gadgets to mount Gideon’s ship, and sends the tyrant overboard. A sweet reunion with the Internet’s favorite little baby, at last!

IG-11 seeks revenge on Mando

But the victory is short-lived. Reintroducing the assassin droid in “Chapter 7” can’t be for nothing. Yes, IG-11 is allegedly reprogrammed to be of service to Mando and his allies.

On the other hand, IG-11’s new programmer, Kuiil, appeared to die toward the end of last week’s episode. It was a sad moment, and Mando even said upon initially encountering the droid it was in his nature to essentially be evil.

“Chapter 8” director Taika Waititi voices IG-11. I’d be surprised if the droid didn’t figure heavily into the action. Waititi brings humor to the role and could add a whole different dimension to the conflict and action.

Mando already has a lot on his plate between stormtroopers, Gideon and, potentially, whoever featured in the last frames of “Chapter 5.” IG-11 is going to wreak further havoc and render Mando’s apparent rescue of Baby Yoda more complicated.

Grand finale: Baby Yoda & Mando vs. Boba Fett

Finally, we get ultimate fan service, grounded in a Western-style showdown.

As Mando terminates IG-11 and seems ready to flee Navarro with Baby Yoda in tow, suddenly, Boba Fett comes crashing into frame.

Boba jet packs up to Mando’s ship and damages it enough to force a landing. After stumbling out of the wreckage, Mando comes face to face with Boba.

Baby Yoda is in his little floating egg carriage off to the side. Having escaped the Sarlacc pit and survived under the radar all this time, Boba is ready to battle. He catches Mando off-guard, and has him on the ropes.

Guess who comes to the rescue? That’s right. After Force-choking Cara, thinking she was a threat, the baby uses his powers again to maim Boba.

I say Baby Yoda launches the bounty hunter into a distant cliff, and his jet pack explodes. He appears dead, but we get a cliffhanger that shows Boba got rid of his pack just in time to survive.

This leaves some juicy story open for Season 2. As for “Chapter 8” of The Mandalorian, it’ll end up being a sweet treat for those among the disappointed amid mixed reviews for The Rise of Skywalker.