Bold Predictions For &Quot;The Mandalorian&Quot; Chapter 5 On Disney+
Credit: Disney+

Last week’s episode of The Mandalorian was rather lean, so Friday’s “Chapter 5” on Disney+ should feature bold story choices ripe for pre-show predictions.

Many of the already-introduced characters took to the sidelines in “Chapter 4.” Much of the focus revolved around the titular character, a newcomer in Cara Dune, and of course, Baby Yoda.

A minor romantic subplot and a nostalgia set piece highlighted by an AT-ST left fans wanting more. Let’s take a look at what could happen in the “Chapter 5” of The Mandalorian with some bold predictions.

The Mandalorians bail our hero out again

In the thrilling shootout during the climax of “Chapter 3: The Sin,” our Mando was outmatched. All the bounty hunters in town were closing in on him. Then, his underground network of Mandalore natives came out blasting and jet-packing.

It felt like a deus ex machina at first, yet the setup was strong enough to create a beautiful payoff. Plus, the Mandalorians are mysterious enough that any time they’re featured, I’m locked in to learn more.

Flashbacks are the only way we’ve seen Main Mando’s backstory. He mentioned his parents were killed in “Chapter 4.” That was more in passing, though. After whatever violent confrontation his fellow natives help him out of, I believe we’ll really dig more into Main Mando’s origins.

Instead of fighting off rival bounty hunters, I’m betting Mando and his people will have to confront a ton of Stormtroopers. unfortunately, it’ll be a Pyrrhic victory of sorts…

Baby Yoda gets whisked away

It seems like Main Mando is a little cavalier in parading Baby Yoda around. He walks through dangerous streets with the little guy in that floating cradle, despite the exorbitant bounty on him throughout the galaxy.

Parenting isn’t Mando’s strength. Let’s give the warrior a break, I suppose. It’s not his job. He’s a mean, lean, killin’ machine mostly.

Instead of bringing him out in the open, let’s say Mando leaves the baby on his ship. Unfortunately, it’s raided, and the child is taken away.

My prediction is The Client (Werner Herzog), who’s been curiously absent of late, teams up with the bounty hunter guild leader Greef Karga (Carl Weathers).

Together, they will rule the galaxy as father and son! Pardon me, having some Empire Strikes Back twitches. No, the Client and Greef will be able to pinpoint the fob on Baby Yoda and snatch him. They’ll have plenty of Stormtrooper reinforcements along with them.

Dr. Pershing saves the day!

Remember that nervous, neurotic man who serves as the Client’s assistant? He started Mando in the pilot episode during initial negotiations, and in “Chapter 3” claimed he was protecting Baby Yoda?

Well, Dr. Pershing is coming back in a big way. While it wouldn’t be surprising if the Client already had him killed, it seems like a waste. Dr. Pershing seemed terrified at the prospect of losing Baby Yoda.

“Chapter 5” of The Mandalorian needs to springboard off what was set up the episode prior. In the remote, quiet village Baby Yoda was in, a bounty hunter still tracked him down. Only Cara Dune’s timely shot preserved the child’s life.

It’d be awesome to see an underdog like Dr. Pershing aid Mando in relocating the child. There’s a great contrast between the characters of Dr. Pershing and Mando. His vulnerabilities are obvious and exterior; Mando’s are all behind a mask. He’s saddled with inner conflict — a testament to Pedro Pascal’s performance. With this comes a ton of comedic potential that should be tapped, too.

Anyway, once Dr. Pershing helps Mando get Baby Yoda back, he also mentions that a non-bounty hunter is looking for the little one. And that leads to the final, super bold prediction…

Cliffhanger: Dave Filoni brings in Ahsoka Tano

Filoni is the writer-director of “Chapter 5” and was also a chief creative force behind The Clone Wars and Rebels animated TV shows. His direction in the pilot left something to be desired, yet it was important to get The Mandalorian off on the right foot, and he certainly accomplished that.

Now it’s time to open up the hyperdrive and kick this show into light speed. Our list of overall Mandalorian predictions suggested Grand Admiral Thrawn could factor into the equation.

Or rogue Jedi Ahsoka Tano.

While that could wait for a Season 1 cliffhanger, it’d be awesome to see more Force powers. Ahsoka would provide that in spades. If such abilities aren’t coming from Baby Yoda, perhaps Ahsoka could make a surprise appearance with some Jedi magic.

Ahsoka would tie together a lot of canon parts not featured in live-action Star Wars. She may provide a link to Baby Yoda and give viewers insight into the character.