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If you’re looking for the best streaming services for kids, it might not be as simple as subscribing to Netflix or Disney. There’s a lot of variety on the market to keep your little ones entertained. It’s just a matter of finding the content they want to watch.

Whether you’re a kid, a parent, or a combination of the two (a big kid), these are the five streaming services most likely to keep your kids entertained:

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1. Paramount Plus ($4.99)

A merger with ViacomCBS back in 2019 unlocked Nickelodeon’s vault of content for Paramount Plus (originally CBS All Access), This made it one of the best platforms for kids.

It’s not just Nickelodeon shows that Paramount Plus has. Other titles on the platform include Paddington Bear, Inspector Gadget, Madeline, and Bob the Builder.

The best thing about Paramount Plus is the price, you can pick up a plan for just $4.99 monthly. Which is a bargain as it has thousands of hours of content for kids.

2. Disney Plus ($7.99)

This streaming service offers everything your child could possibly want, including Marvel, Pixar, and cartoons. Disney+ is the cheapest babysitter in the world.

The streaming service launched in November 2019 and immediately became a cultural phenomenon. The 160+ million subscribers today prove the popularity of the service.

There is no denying, Disney Plus is one of the best streaming services for kids, and for many, it should be #1 on this list. However, unless your child is a Marvel, Star Wars, or Pixar fan, the other content might not keep them as occupied as good old Spongebob.

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3. Netflix ($14.99)

The great thing about Netflix is that content comes fast and furious, so if a kid is bored on a Monday, by Friday they’ll have a new favorite to stream.

Once upon a time Netflix wasn’t really focused on entertainment for kids, but now they cover everything and have agreements with Nickelodeon, plus the best parental controls for kid’s profiles. This alone makes Netflix a top-5 on this list.

And it isn’t just the new content schedule and parental controls, the original content is fantastic, including The Sea Best, The Cuphead Show, Camp Cretaceous, and so many more.

The price might be higher than most other streaming platforms, but depending on where you live, Netflix has an ad version of the platform which cuts costs to around $7.99 monthly.

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4. PBS Kids (Free)

If you’re looking for a zero-cost option, PBS Kids is available via Amazon Prime Video, The Roku Channel, and the PBS Kids app on any mobile or smart TV.

The fact it is free makes this option a no-brainer, especially for younger kids who love content like Sesame Street, Arthur, Curious George, etc. Additionally, PBS Kids content is more educational, which is perfect if you are worried about the amount of screen time you are giving to your child.

The Best Streaming Services For Kids Pbs Kids
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5. Sling TV Orange ($30)

Sling is cable TV for cord-cutters. The service ranks No. 5 because of what $30 per month can get you. Effectively, you can have all the kid’s content on pay TV without the long-term commitment. Plus, you’ll get some extra channels for yourself.

If you want to max out your kid’s channel collection, Sling Orange is the service you’re after. However, you will need the Kids Extra add-on. This unlocks The Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nick Jr., Nicktoons, TeenNick, Boomerang, and many more.

It’s perfect if you want variety and quantity from one service, yet for $30 monthly, you could have all the other services listed here.