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On the fence about signing up for Hoopla? You shouldn’t be, it’s got something for everyone. From comic capers to brutal foreign cinema. Check out these best movies on Hoopla for free!

5. Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

When sci-fi royalty turns up in a grindhouse B movie you know it’s either trash or epic. Hobo with a Shotgun is both and Rutger Hauer owns it.

Hauer is a homeless guy who puts himself through misery to save up for a lawnmower. The city’s run by criminals and every person’s out for themselves — this hobo’s had enough!

The movie cost $3,000,000 and most of that went to Hauer and the fake blood store. Many will loathe it but I loved its Death Wish homage.

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4. Summer of 84 (2018)

One of the best movies on Hoopla is the Summer of 84. It’s Fright Night without the supernatural. It’s a whodunnit with kids and a neighborhood serial killer on the prowl.

Set in 1984 suburbia, our young heroes get sucked into the police investigation. Their curiosity turns into an obsession as their detective work goes awry.

What unfolds is creepy, twisted — but wonderful. If you’re hungry for a nostalgic best-buds movie that’s high on humor and suspense this will hit the spot.

3. Battle Royale (2000)

Forty-two kids get sent to a deserted island to kill each other and the survivor gets to go home. It’s simple and brutal. The movie is based on a controversial Japanese book and is ultra-violent.

Battle Royale is shocking, jarring and a real study of the devolution of people under pressure. The only downside is that it’s not in English, so subtitles are the only way to enjoy it! There is a US version, but it’s not as good.

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2. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Tucker and Dale could easily be the best movie on Hoopla. It starts at cliche and ends with a lovable hillbilly you can’t help but root for.

Taking the cabin in the woods set up and flipping stereotypes is brilliant. It’s a college-kids-gone-camping movie from the perspective of the hillbillies. Prejudices get weaponized and misunderstandings cause a banquet of accidental carnage.

Except for Shawn of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead, no other horror comedies get close to Tucker and Dale. If you like blood and guts with your laughter, watch it now!

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1. Falling Down (1993)

Despite Falling Down being set in 1993, the events that drive lead Michael Douglas to madness very much relate to modern life.

The movie includes one of the most iconic scenes in movie history, a scene that most of us who have been misled by advertising can relate to.

And this is the genius of Falling Down, it will have you sympathizing and questioning your own thoughts as the Douglas’ D-Fens character falls down the rabbit hole and unravels.