Best Elvis Movies And Where To Watch Them
Best Elvis Movies and Where to Watch Them

Elvis Aaron Presley is known as the King of Rock and Roll and is regarded as one of the most significant figures in the 20th century. He had a large influence across media, especially music, with his energized interpretations of songs and sexually provocative performance style.

But he wasn’t just a singer. He also acted in over 30 movies during his time. If you’re a fan of his work and want to check out the best Elvis movies, then this list is for you.

While he has had several roles, we’re only going through the top 20 of his best performances, from the classic Jailhouse Rock, so maybe more obscure titles. Without further ado, here are the best Elvis movies that you need to check out and where you can find them.

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20. Loving You, Prime Video (1957)

Directed by Hal Kanter, Loving You is a musical drama that was Elvis’ first major starring role following his debut supporting role in Love Me Tender. The story follows a delivery man who is discovered by a music publicist and a country-western musician who wants to promote the talented newcomer.

19. Charro, Prime Video and Peacock (1969)

Many would argue that this is one of his worst movies, but it’s not as bad as some of his others. Ranking 19 on the best Elvis movies is Charro, a Western film that was Elvis’ only film where he didn’t sing. And the only film in which Elvis wore a beard. The story follows Jesse Wade, a rugged horseman and dangerous outlaw Vince Hackett’s right-hand man, who wants out. But that means he betrays Hackett, causing Jesse to be hunted down like prey.

18. Frankie & Johnny, Prime Video (1966)

Another Western, one of my favorite genres for classic movies, Frankie & Johnny stars Elvis as a riverboat singer with a weakness for gambling. When he sets out to find his lucky redhead, his girlfriend is not amused.

17. Tickle Me, Prime Video (1965)

Elvis sings in almost every single one of his movies, and Tickle Me is another example of that. This musical comedy western was directed by Norman Taurog and stars Elvis as a champion rodeo bull rider and bronco buster. When he gets hired on at an expensive all-women ranch and beauty spa, things take a turn however, and he falls for a pretty fitness trainer.

16. Speedway, Prime Video and Max (1968)

Another musical film, however, this one is an action film starring Elvis as a racecar driver, Steve Grayson, who has a heart of gold and spends all of his money helping out friends and relatives. That being said, when he finds out his financial situation and his trouble with the IRS for nonpayment back taxes, his racing career might be over sooner than he had hoped.

15. Girl Happy, Prime Video (1965)

This romantic musical stars Elvis in his eighteenth feature as a nightclub singer, Rusty Wells, who just closed down their engagement at the club where they work to get ready for their annual spring break trip to Florida. When the club’s owner extends their stay at the club, however, their plans are foiled, making them have to find their own kind of fun.

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14. Spinout, Prime Video and Max (1966)

Another feature with cars, the musical comedy stars Elvis as a lead singer of a band and part-time race car driver. Life gets a bit complicated when he has to choose between marrying a beautiful rich girl and driving her father’s car in a prestigious race.

13. The Trouble with Girls, Prime Video (1969)

Directed by Peter Tewksbury, this movie was one of Elvis’ final movie roles and is based on the 1960 novel Chautauqua by Day Keene. The film follows a Chautauqua manager Walter Hale and his loyal business manager who struggle to keep their traveling troupe together in small town America.

12. Viva Las Vegas, Prime Video (1964)

Viva Las Vegas is about a musically gifted race driver Lucky Jackson who wants to score enough money to get a new motor so he can win the Grand Prix. He loses his winnings in the hotel pool, and he is forced to remain in Vegas longer to win back his money. If you don’t have HBO Max, you can rent it on Prime Video for $2.99.

11.  It Happened at the World’s Fair, Prime Video (1963)

It Happened at the World’s Fair is about a crop duster named Mike Edwards who loses his plane due to gambling habits to his partner Danny Burke.  To get the plane back, he heads to the Seattle World’s Fair for adventure, fortune, and maybe even love. If you don’t have HBO Max, you can rent it now on Prime for $2.99.

10. Kissin Cousins, Prime Video (1964)

Kissin Cousins is about the U.S. government that wants to build a missile silo inside a Tennessee mountain, but the backwoods hillbillies who own it refuse to lease it to them. Josh, a relative of the owners and a G.I. scout, is sent in to try to reason with them, but he soon runs afoul of his identical cousin, Jodie, who hates his city-bred lookalike and everything he stands for. You can rent from Prime Video for $2.99

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9. Fun in Acapulco, Prime Video and Paramount Plus (1963)

Fun in Acapulco is about a yacht owner’s spoiled daughter who gets Mike, played by Elvis, fired. A boy helps him get a job as a singer at the Acapulco Hilton and as a lifeguard. He upsets one of the lifeguards by taking his girl and his work hours. Stream this one for free on Pluto TV right now.

8. Girls! Girls! Girls!, Prime Video and Paramount Plus (1962)

Girls! Girls! Girls! The movie is about a sailor who discovers his boss is retiring to Arizona. The sailor has to find a way to buy the boat his father built now that he is no longer employed. He is also caught between two women that are club singers.

7. Follow That Dream, Amazon (1962)

Follow That Dream is about Pop Kwimpel, their son Toby, and their ragtag clan of adopted orphans who wind up stranded on the side of the road in Florida. So, they set up a home on the beach till they figure out their next move. An uptight local bureaucrat is attempting to evict them.

6. Blue Hawaii, Prime Video and Paramount Plus (1961)

Blue Hawaii is about Chadwick, who is discharged from the U.S Army he returns home to Hawaii. After being in strict military life for several years, he wants to let loose and surf all day. His family has other plans and pressures him to work for the family pineapple business. He gets a job as a tour guide where his girlfriend works. You can watch the movie now on Paramount Plus.

5. Flaming Star, Prime Video (1960)

Flaming Star is about a mixed-race son of a white rancher, Pacer Burton gets into some problems with local racists by not letting the doctor see Neddy Pacer’s mom, and she dies. A war starts that puts a wedge between Pacer and his white brother, and Pacer starts to take matters into his own hands. You can watch it from the Starz streaming service. 

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4. G.I Blues, Prime Video and Paramount Plus (1960)

G.I Blues is about a soldier Tulsa stationed in West Germany who hopes to open a nightclub when he gets out of the army. Tulsa may lack the capital for such a venture, but a chance to raise the cash comes his way through a friendly wager. A local dancer, Lili bets Tulsa everything he has that a friend can earn her affection. This takes a turn when the friend is dispatched to Alaska, and it’s up to Tulsa to melt Lili’s heart, so he doesn’t lose everything. You can watch it on Pluto TV right now.

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3. King Creole, Prime Video and Paramount Plus (1958)

King Creole is about Danny Fisher, who is denied his high school diploma after a schoolyard fight.  He is unsure how he will support himself and his unemployed father. A club owner hears him sing and offers him a job to sing at the club. Things look promising until rival club owner and Danny’s former boss, Maxie, tries to lure him back with threats and the charms of his on and off again girlfriend, Ronnie. You can watch it on Pluto TV for free.

2. Jailhouse Rock, Prime Video (1957)

Jailhouse Rock is about Vince Everett being convicted of manslaughter after being drawn into a fight trying to defend his woman. In prison, Everett finds salvation when his cellmate hears him sing and tells him he can be a future star since he should know being a country singer himself. Once released, Everett gets a job in a nightclub and meets Peggy Van Alden, a young woman who works for a record company and sees talent in Everett. If you don’t have HBO Max, you can rent it on Amazon Prime Video for $2.99.

1. Love Me Tender, Prime Video (1956)

Love Me Tender is about confederate soldiers led by Vance Reno, who robbed a Union train of its payroll money. Since the Civil War officially ended the day before, their theft was not a legitimate act of war. Now an outlaw, Vance takes his share and heads home, where he intends to marry his fiancée, Cathy. Returning, he discovers that she has already married his youngest brother, Clint. Watch this movie on STARZ now.

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What Was Elvis Presley’s First Movie Role?

Elvis’ first role was in the 1956 Love Me Tender movie where he played Clint Reno, the youngest of the four Reno brothers, who stays home to take care of his mother and the family farm as the older brothers fight in the American Civil War.

What Was Presley’s Last Role?

Change of Habit (1969) was his final feature film and was a crime musical drama playing Dr. John Carpenter, a physician in a ghetto clinic who falls for a co-worker, Michelle Gallagher, unaware that she is a nun.

How Many Movies Was Elvis Presley IN?

Elvis Presley was in a total of 31 movies.

Best Platform to Watch Elvis’ Movies?

Currently, the best platform for those that want to watch all of Presley’s films should try Prime Video.

Prime Video Subscription Information

Amazon Prime is one of the best and most popular streaming platforms that people subscribe to because it provides so much more than just movies and shows, and it’s pretty affordable. For the monthly membership, you’ll only pay $14.99, unless you’re a student then it’s $7.49.

This membership gives you free delivery with two-day, one-day, same-day and even Grubhub delivery. It gives you movies, shows, music and even gaming, as well as any early deals.