15 Best 80S Slasher Movies And Where To Stream Them

The 1980s were a golden age for horror films, and slasher films were at the height of their popularity. During that time, these films, which were known for their extreme brutality and merciless killers, played a pivotal part in pop culture. We have rounded up a list of the best 80s slasher movies along with information on where you can stream them. Whether you are an addict of the genre or want to learn more about it, get ready for a thrilling movie watching experience.

What are slasher movies?

Slasher movies are a subgenre of horror films that feature a psychopathic killer who stalks and kills a group of people. Generally, the victims are youthful and seductive characters. These films are famed for their bloody brutality, instigative chase sequences, and iconic antagonists no one can seem to get rid of.

The popularity of slasher films increased significantly in the 1980s. With their unique sense of suspension and horror, films like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street became huge successes. These films sparked the creation of many other slasher films throughout the decade, each with distinctively horrifying plots and enduring characters.

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15. The Evil Dead (1981)

The Evil Dead (1981) - Imdb

The cult classic The Evil Dead combines slasher and supernatural horror genres. In the Sam Raimi directed movie, a group of friends who are staying at a pastoral cabin unintentionally release satanic forces. The Evil Dead is known for its innovative camera style and grim shower of terror.

14. Hellraiser (1987)

Hellraiser (2022) - Imdb

Next on the list of best 80s slasher movies, we have Hellraiser, which takes audiences to a new realm of vicious pleasure and suffering. The film, which was directed by Clive Barker, introduces extraterrestrial brutes who feast on the suffering of humans. The movie Hellraiser transports viewers to the evil underground where a woman is willing to do anything to bring her brother-in-law back to safety.

13. Prom Night (1980)

Prom Night (1980)

Prom Night combines horror with teen spirit as a masked killer stalks teenagers on the night of their special dance. The movie, which was directed by Paul Lynch, centers on a group of high schoolers who are held responsible by this killer for another death that happened years before. Prom Night gives a thrilling and nostalgic slasher experience with its atmospheric suspension, indelible kill scenes, and splash of 80s nostalgia.

12. Sleepaway Camp (1983)

The Summer Camp Slasher In Review – Screen Queens
Screen Queens

The slasher film Sleepaway Camp gives the slasher genre a fresh spin, delivering surprising scenes and a heartbreaking conclusion. Robert Hiltzik directed this film, which focuses on demure and withdrawn Angela, the victim of unsolved murders at Camp Arawak. Secrets are revealed as the death risk climbs, leading to an astounding conclusion that will leave you feeling forever haunted.

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11. The Burning (1981)

Happy 35Th Anniversary To 'The Burning!' - Bloody Disgusting
Bloody Disgusting

In this movie, a former summer camp leader plots to get revenge on new campers every year since they were left with burns and disfigurement after a prank went too far. This slasher film, which was directed by Tony Maylam, is famed for its bloody murders and Jason Alexander’s youthful acting as this was one of his early performances. The Burning is one of the best 80s slasher movies because of its determined killer and intense backstory.

10. My Bloody Valentine (1981)

My Bloody Valentine (1981) - Imdb

A masked killer causes mayhem on Valentine’s Day in the little mining city where My Bloody Valentine is set. This slasher film, which was directed by George Mihalka, features the ideal balance of suspension, spear, and a thrilling whodunit plot. The locals are visited by a minatory riddle from the history as they get ready for Valentine’s Day. This bloody and intimidating adventure will take you into the terror mines.

9. The House on Sorority Row (1983)

Rifftrax: The House On Sorority Row (Video 2018) - Imdb

A group of sorority sisters who unintentionally set off a series of terrible events are the subject of the movie The House on Sorority Row. As the girls come under the control of a ruthless killer, Mark Rosman’s slasher film combines suspension with 80s college culture and shows what true innocence and fear can look like. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat right until the very end.

8. Black Christmas (1974)

Black Christmas (1974) - Filmaffinity

The movie Black Christmas is constantly cited as one of the slasher genre’s forerunners. This Bob Clark film is set around the Christmas season and features a group of sorority sisters who are being terrorized by an unidentified man. Black Christmas set the stage for numerous other slasher films and became a cult classic based on the suspense and creative use of point-of-view images.

7. Maniac (1980)

Maniac (1980) - Imdb

Maniac takes us on a disturbing and unsettling trip into an insane killer’s mind. This slasher film, which was directed by William Lustig, centers on Frank Zito, a psychotic killer who scalps his victims and uses their hair to dress mannequins. Maniac stretches the limits of the genre and has left behind a chilling and enduring impact since its release in 1980.

6. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Silent Night, Deadly Night' Reboot In The Works For 2022 Release

Silent Night, Deadly Night transforms the Christmas mood into a tale of Christmastime terror. The movie shows a youthful man named Billy who, after seeing his family killed, grows up to be bitter and think of Santa as a figure to murder and punish. When he grows up, he decides to put his memory of Santa in action and become a murderer himself. This controversial film, which shows Santa Claus as evil, caused lots of controversy when it was first released.

5. Friday the 13th (1980)

Friday The 13Th (1980) - Imdb

A very well-known slasher movie that started a series is Friday the 13th. The movie is set at Camp Crystal Lake and features a group of camp counselors who are murdered by an unidentified killer. The fabulous antagonist, Jason Voorhees, is a character that you can’t forget, making it one of the most memorable parts of the film. This is a must-watch if you are looking for a thrilling and bloody slasher film.

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4. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) - Imdb

Next up, another classic slasher film is A Nightmare on Elm Street, which introduced the genre to a new type of terror. Wes Craven, who directed the movie, presents the notorious Freddy Krueger, a burned killer who preys on the dreams of children and turns their agonies into horrible realities. The film became an immediate classic because of its unique premise, creative killings, and Robert Englund’s iconic depiction as Freddy Krueger.

3. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) - Imdb

A visceral and nasty slasher film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre had a profound effect on the 80s that is remembered today. In the movie, a group of friends find themselves in the Texas countryside visiting their grandfather’s grave when a deserted house turns out to be their worst nightmare. This film, which is famed for its brutality, is a disturbing display of madness as Leatherface is uncovered and attacks.

2. Child’s Play (1988)

Child'S Play (1988) - Imdb

One of the best 80s slasher movies ever created is Child’s Play. A satanic doll who terrorizes a youthful child and his family is the subject of this Tom Holland-directed film. The movie developed a distinctive mix of thrills and pleasure by combining moments of sheer terror with humor. Do not underestimate the influence of a toy that appears to be innocent.

1. Halloween (1978)

Halloween (1978) - Imdb

Last, but not least, any addict of the horror must see Halloween, a masterpiece of the slasher subgenre. John Carpenter directed this film, which debuted the implacable killer, Michael Myers. The movie, which takes place on Halloween night, follows Myers as he stalks and terrorizes a group of youths. His complete lack of human behavior will make you afraid to go outside on Halloween, so make sure to cancel plans for the evening and stay in to enjoy this one.