For many, what to stream this weekend is the biggest question come Friday. We have a list of show and movie recommendations, whether you want a comedy, mystery, action, or a true story. We have picked a mix of new and old for a blend that’ll suit everyone.

As big pop culture fans and nerds, we are always undecided on what to stream and love a little help from friends. We’re here to help you out and deliver our top picks of what to stream this weekend.

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8. The Continental (Peacock)

This Peacock original is a mini-series premiering September 22nd and comes from the world of John Wick. It’ll be set over three episodes that explores the hotel-for-assassins that is featured in the John Wick universe. However, The Continental will be taking place in the 1970s and focus on a young Winston Scott.

Scott will explore the hotel and dig up a past that he once left behind, and also uncover mysterious of the underworld throughout the hotel. It’ll be an explosive, action-packed show that is a perfect watch for those that are not sure what to stream this weekend. While the first episode will be September 22, the next two installments will be up on September 29 and then October 6.

7. Love is Blind (Netflix)

Starting on September 22nd, fans will be able to watch the beginning of Season 5 of Love is Blind on Netflix. One of the most controversial yet entertaining reality dating shows is coming back strong with another round of hopeful singles trying to find their true love.

For those that haven’t seen an episode before and are interested, this is the perfect time to deep dive into the show. As the title suggests, singles will enter a pod alone, where there’s a bright wall is at the front. On the other side of the wall is another pod holding another single.

The two will chat about their interests, work, passions and history. Ideally, the whole point is to find your true love without seeing anyone, to put appearances out of the picture. But of course, drama always follows these types of shows.

6. Sitting in Bars with Cake (Prime Video)

The newest film exclusive to Prime Video is Sitting in Bars with Cake, released September 8th and stars Yara Shahidi and Odessa A’zion. The story follows two best friends, Jane and Corinne, who are opposites of one another. Corinne is an extrovert and Jane is an introvert, who is also an incredibly baker.

Jane convinces Corinne to bring her cakes to bars to help her confidence and get out more, as well as help Jane find a boyfriend. However, when Corinne receives a life-altering diagnosis, the pair faces challenges they never expected. For those wondering what to stream this weekend, this is a great drama movie to try out.

5. Sex Education (Netflix)

What To Stream This Weekend

The great news is that Sex Education is back on Netflix on September 21 for the fourth season, but the bad news is that it’s the final one, so fans will need to cherish it. Sex Education follows socially awkward Otis as he holds a sex course at school, teaching students about everything he learned from his sex therapist mother.

In the final season, we will see all the students starting at their new school, Cavendish College, which is “progressive and woke”, and how they navigate the new area, as well as the new faces that pop in.

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4. Young Love (Max)

Young Love is an extension on the Academy Award-winning short film, Hair Love, and is a Max Original. It’s an animated family comedy series that focuses on an African American Chicago family, showing an honest and heartfelt everyday lifestyle.

The series will follow two parents, Stephen and Angela Young, as they go about their day dealing with parenthood, careers, social issues, marriage, and much more, all while working on creating a better future for their daughter, Zuri. It premiers September 21 on Max and is a great series to start watching with your kids, or for those that need a bit of self-healing.

3. Still Up (Apple TV)

Sleep can be hard to come by, whether it’s from stress, a ruined sleep schedule, never finding enough time in the day, or even insomnia. But while it can be hard being up all night, it might be comforting to know that you’re not really alone. At least for these two friends, it is a bit of comfort.

Still Up is a great option for what to stream this weekend. It follows impulsive and free-spirited aspiring illustrator whose questions over her daughter’s future starts to keep her up all night, as well as socially anxious journalist Danny. It’s a lighthearted comedy that follows these two as their relationship deepens over the late nights.

2. Elemental (Disney+)

For those that have made the choice to avoid movie theaters since the pandemic, it’s finally your turn to watch Elemental. September 13th marked the day that Elemental came to Disney+, and this weekend is the perfect time to watch it with your kids or loved ones.

Pixar’s 2023 film follows Ember and Wade as they navigate their lives in a city where all the elements, fire, water, land and air, live together, yet apart. While this movie is an inspiring and entertaining film, it also features some hard topics like discrimination, as it shows Bernie and Cinder Lumen, parents to Ember, as they immigrate to the city and are faced with xenophobia from the other elements.

1. American Horror Story: Delicate (Hulu)

Partly based on Delicate Condition by Danielle Valentine, AHS: Delicate stars Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian. In this season, we watch Anna Victoria Alcott (Roberts) desperately wants to have a family and has had multiple failed attempts at IVF. But as she struggles to figure out how she wants to create her family, she stars to feel as though there’s a target on her.

Essentially, it’s described as a horror about pregnancy based off the novel. Valentine’s description of her book is “not just about the actual physical gruesomeness of what pregnancy is, but also the medical gaslighting that modern, very privilege women experience as they’re going through their pregnancies and the symptoms that I feel we as a culture still don’t’ talk about for strange reasons”.

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