Credit: Flickr, U.S. GAO report

Hoopla is your local library at home. Borrow movies, TV shows, audiobooks and more. All you need to watch Hoopla is a library card and access to the internet.

If you use Hoopla via a desktop browser you have to stream content. If you use the app on mobile or tablet you have options to stream or download for later. 

You can get the Hoopla app on these compatible devices:

If you want to watch Hoopla on other devices like your smartTV try these tips. 

  • Stream to your Chromecast device from any mobile device. 
  • Use the web browser to stream content on Xbox and PS4.  
  • Google Stadia will have access to the Google Play store Hoopla app
  • Use your computer to stream to your Nvidia Shield.

Hoopla is 100% free and you can check out the best movies streaming on Hoopla this month or our review for more information.