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Dear UHD Blu-rays,

Forgive me. Netflix has been my comfort blanket for half a decade and that 4K fourth season of Stranger Things was dazzling. The color, the contrast, the unsettling nature of Dr. Brenner in four times the pixels? Wowsers.

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On the surface, the streaming revolution could give me everything. Not once did it occur to me that sneaking off for a secret UHD Blu-ray would be so satisfactory. Why bother? The experience would be no better, right?

I was a fool

Streaming is a brilliant convenience built for everyday use. It’s just that a connoisseur sometimes wants something different. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

There’s a selfishness to what I’m saying, but it’s no different from the snobbery of collecting vinyl.

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A digital album streamed or downloaded is adequate for 330 days of the year. On those other days, only vinyl will do. The energy and texture take you places the digital stream cannot. It elevates from background noise into an experience, and this is what you, my UHD Blu-ray collection, are to me.

UHD is the vinyl of AV

So when I say watching The Lion King on Disney Plus 4K is fine, but watching it on UHD Blu-ray is an experience, it’s not arrogance. It’s fact. Although the movie is the same, the audiovisual difference is the equivalence of getting punched in the senses. It’s new, exciting, and vibrant.

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UHD Blu-rays, you have made such a difference in my life that it’s embarrassing knowing how long I wasted haplessly believing in the 4K streaming revolution.

One day, 4K will be streamed in UHD glory, but until then, this love affair will continue. So let’s have fun together and spoil ourselves. We 4King deserve it.