Credit: BBC

Aardman Animations are making an animated musical for Netflix. Hopefully, this becomes a bigger deal that gets one of the best animation studios in existence in front of more people.

News of the project, titled Robin Robin, came from The Guardian. It’s the story of a baby robin that goes missing. The movie will use characters made from natural materials, including felt and twigs. Keeping it environmentally friendly — nice touch, Aardman.

It would be a movie that fits Netflix right now. The streaming giant seems to be picking up kid-friendly family fun. It’s almost like they’ve got something to worry about (Disney+).

Who cares about Aardman?

Do not underestimate the potency Aardman joining Netflix could have.

Aardman are pioneers in stop-motion animation. They’ve won an Oscar and BAFTA. Plus, their movies have earned over $1 billion at the box office. And all that pails in comparison to their decision to cast Mel Gibson as a cock in Chicken Run. These are serious geniuses.

Not only is this a coop (Chicken Run joke) for Netflix, but a kick to the sagging turkey neck of BBC’s BritBox streaming service.

As a huge animation fan, it’s easy to imagine their world-renown characters Wallace and Gromit running through tall grass. Wallace with his shirt torn open, racing away from a haggard BBC straight into the open arms of a buxom redhead, also known as Netflix. Ironically, most of my life is spent thinking about parts of that sentence, so let’s move on.

What have Aardman done?

If you like a bit of animated fun, check out some of these movies from Aardman.

If you’re not in the mood to watch an animation, do yourself a favor and watch the Aardman story called A Grand Night In on Netflix. It’ll show you what makes this studio so special.