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Today on Binge Kill Chill, TC and Swaggy-D look back on what they’ve been watching and review two from Netflix’s July 2020 line-up.

TC picks out Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries and gives it the big BINGE-rating. While Swaggy-D goes on some weird middle-aged rant about The Old Guard.

TC concludes the podcast by reading out the hilarious episode descriptions from HBO’s recently canceled Run series. Asking, “how was it made in the first place?”

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Netflix Review: The Old Guard

Be warned, don’t expect to see a Charlize Theron tour-de-force. It’s not Mad Max, it’s not Atomic Blonde, it’s Theron with her feet up.

Sadly, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Somehow Netflix has taken a good graphic novel and made it dull. It’s an impressive achievement considering the synopsis. Immortal soldiers struggling to keep their identity secret in the modern era, while big pharma chases. It has so much potential.

The problems come thick and fast, from a laughable villain who looks fresh from a college campus to a predictable double-cross you’ll see a mile off. Yet, the movie’s main issue is that it’s stuck in second-gear.

If you want to watch a Netflix action movie, check out Extraction. It’s ten times better than The Old Guard.

NETFLIX REVIEW: The Old Guard is not horrendous. Yet it plays out like it was made with a check-list rather than passion. It gets a disappointing CHILL rating from SNIPdaily.

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