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Dearest gentle readers — Season 3 of the Bridgerton series is one for the books. The Netflix original is back again after a year. It’s always good to be back in the ton amongst the drama, which brings us to the Bridgerton season 3 review, picking apart the best and the worst parts of it.

This season brings an empowering story through Penelope Featherington, which also leads to the ultimate betrayal of many. And a charming, subtle love between Francesca and John Stirling. But let’s not forget Violet Bridgerton catching the eye of the handsome Lord Anderson. This Bridgerton season 3 review looks towards all of this, as well as peaks into what might happen in season 4.

As we’ll be talking about both the second and first part of Bridgerton season 3: there will be spoilers. Spoilers will be avoided when hypothesizing season 4.

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Bridgerton Season 3 Review – Breaking Down the Plot

Bridgerton Season 3 Review: A Romance Filled With Empowerment
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While the first two seasons really honed in on the relationship between Bridgerton and their partner, season 3 was a whirlwind of stories. Not only did it focus on Colin’s newfound romance with long-time friend, Penelope, but it also focused on Francesca’s budding romance with John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin.

And of course, Lady Whistledown is the talk of the ton. In the first season, fans found out who the mysterious author was, Penelope Featherington, and in the second season, we saw how it affected her relationship with Eloise. The third season amped up the stakes of being a mysterious writer who confidently gossips about the ton, and exposed Penelope to more of her friends and family, nearly breaking apart her marriage.

Cressida Cowper is also in the center of this season, as a friendship with Eloise has blossomed. While the friendship doesn’t last long, we see much of Cressida. With the news of the Queen giving a reward to anyone who finds Lady Whistledown, Cressida realizes this is the perfect opportunity to win the money to avoid getting married off.

All the while Dowager Violet Bridgerton works hard to make sure her daughter is in the right hands, hoping for a love match that matches her love for her late husband. While Francesca feels truly drawn to John Stirling, it’s clear that the spark that her other siblings feel just isn’t there. Even with the kiss at their wedding, it’s clear that she does not feel the heat and passion, but feels safe nonetheless.


Bridgerton season 3 really outshines the rest, and with that comes a great deal of stories. While the plot focuses on two Bridgerton siblings and their romances, as well as the identification of Lady Whistledown, there is so much more to talk about.

For instance, Violet is not only worried about her children and their matches but also catches the eye of a handsome Lord Anderson, Lady Danbury’s brother. Lord Anderson wants to pursue a courtship with Violet Bridgerton, however, Violet realizes the strain the two siblings have on one another. And since Lady Danbury is a friend of Violet’s, she wants the strain resolved. The strain is so obvious that Lady Danbury practically drives a wedge between her friend and her brother, forcing them apart.

This of course also opens up the heartwarming story of the two friends, talking about their children, the relationship between Lord Anderson and Dowager Bridgerton, as well as Lady Danbury’s relationship with Violet’s father, which was touched upon during Netflix’s Original spin-off, Queen Charlotte.

But one of the best substories that have no negatives at all is the Mondrich’s. Will Modrich is a boxer who owns a gym as well as a club, who is married to Alice Modrich, and have three children. Bridgerton season 3 shows the Mondrich’s entering the ton thanks to one of their sons inheriting some money. The loveable family has always been close with the Bridgerton boys, and while they struggled at first to enter a new era, they exceeded expectations, even throwing a ball that impressed even the Queen herself.

An Empowering Romance

With so many stories, Bridgerton season 3 felt a bit rushed for many fans. Closing up the main plot, which focuses on two children of the Bridgerton household, as well as substories that spread across the ton, it can be overwhelming. Many franchises have fallen to the stress of too many stories, like Game of Thrones, with their terrible endings. Hopefully, season 4 will be reigned in a bit more.

However, while the third season might have had a lackluster part 2, it’s safe to say that the romance was steamy and it brought empowering conversations. As much as so many might dislike Cowper for her strategies, it’s impossible not to understand her a little. With so many years on the marriage mart, and being pushed into the hands of an old man, anyone would want to take charge of her life. While blackmail is certainly not the way to go about things, she did what she felt she had to do.

And let’s not forget the star of the show, Penelope Featherington, or Bridgerton now. The empowerment goes both ways, with the character and with Nicola Coughlan herself. Penelope Featherington pushed for her ability to keep writing, even if so many urged her to stop because it’s her livelihood.

She created the paper from the ground up and worked so hard for her power, and money, and didn’t want to let it go just because she was married. The speech she makes when Queen Charlotte calls her out directly is powerfully spoken, even asking for the ability to keep writing, to continue her life’s work.

And Nicola Coughlan made a stunning choice of appearing naked on screen after being body-shamed. Not only does it highlight her power in the show, but her role on TV showcases her body which is often hidden. Truly empowering, which makes up for some of the blander bits throughout the season.

Is Bridgerton Based on a Book?

Fans of Bridgerton who can’t get enough of the series will be delighted to know that it’s actually based on a book series. The historical romance shares the same name as a series written by Julia Quinn. The series has eight Regency romances that follow the eight siblings of the Bridgerton family, which is similar to the seasons that have been presented, apart from this most recent.

If you plan on reading the series, you’ll have to go a little out of order to match the pace of the show. While the first and second book match the first and second season’s subject, the third season skips the third book and moves straight the fourth, which focuses on Colin Bridgerton’s romance.

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Which Bridgerton Will Season 4 Be About?

Bridgerton Season 3 Review: A Romance Filled With Empowerment
NetflixCredit: Netflix

As mentioned, the series completely overlooked the third book when making the third season. While the fourth season is still far away, with no release date confirmed as they just finished the third season, it’s unclear who the subject will be.

Fans previously expected the series to follow the timeline of the books, so there’s speculation that they will turn their focus on Benedict Bridgerton. However, with his romance recently ending at the end of season three with Lady Tilley, his future romance might be postponed longer, especially with his negative desire to even settle down.

Other fans speculate, and hope, for Eloise to begin her journey however, her departure to Scotland with Francesca and John Stirling seems to put a pin into her romance, especially with her current desire to avoid romance completely as well.

But of course, there could be the potential for the continuation of Francesca’s story. Without giving away too many spoilers, Francesca’s story does not end here, so the most likely candidate for the next season will be her story in Scotland.

But the romance so many might be looking forward to most is Violet Bridgerton and Lord Anderson, Lady Danbury’s brother. I hope the relationship between the two flourishes and continue throughout more seasons, even if Anthony believes Lord Anderson “oversteps”.

Final Thoughts

Bridgerton Season 3 Review: A Romance Filled With Empowerment
NetflixCredit: Netflix

With Bridgerton season 3 coming to a close, it’s time to turn our attention to what’s to come. Colin and Penelope sorted out the troubles and tribulations of their marriage. Kate and Anthony move to India while expecting their baby. Benedict leaves his relationship to avoid settling down and explore his freedom a bit longer. Francesca and John leave for Scotland, taking Eloise with them to explore more of the world. And Violet opens herself up for romance.

Lady Whistledown is discovered by the Queen, and Cressida Cowper is sent away. With the conclusion wrapping up comfortably, albeit a bit rushed, the series did a great job at bringing attention to Lady Whistledown’s conflict amongst the ton and how it greatly affects her relationships. Fans only hope the series will continue the legacy from the past three seasons and continue with stories that rebel against the “normalcies” of the ton to express diverse, daring characters.

Bridgerton Season 3



  • Strong chemistry between characters
  • Powerful and steamy romance


  • Plot feels rushed