Bold Predictions For &Quot;The Mandalorian&Quot; Chapter 7 On Disney+
Credit: The Mandalorian official promo image (via Twitter)

Star Wars’ The Mandalorian “Chapter 7” premieres Wednesday on Disney+, so it’s time for some bold predictions for Season 1’s penultimate episode.

Disney pushed up the release date for this latest TV series entry, largely due to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hitting theaters very soon. The usual Friday drop date would’ve directly conflicted with the Skywalker saga’s conclusion.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some juicy Mandalorian goodness and see what crazy plot twists could unfold in “Chapter 7.”

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Flashbacks journey to Mandalore

We know from a synopsis that the essence of this episode is as follows: “An old rival extends an invitation for The Mandalorian to make peace.”

Since the show likes to introduce new characters on the regular and not feature them prominently, let’s assume this “old rival” is a fellow Mandalorian. Perhaps Mando’s exploits have some of his people jealous.

There were hints of resentment within the ranks before Mando’s people bailed him out during the epic shootout scene in “Chapter 3: The Sin.” Since those were seemingly reconciled, it’d make sense to see one of the leaders reach out to help.

But through this introduction, we’ll get a lot more backstory from Mando. Other than some cheesy montage sequences while his Beskar armor is forged, we haven’t seen much. This episode will change that.

This fellow Mandalore native will trigger flashbacks to give us some juicy exposition. Maybe we’ll see some of Mando’s achievements as his notoriety increased prior to the events of the TV show.

The bounty guild tracks down Mando

Gosh, where the heck have Werner Herzog’s The Client and Carl Weathers’ Greef Karga been? They’re two veteran actors, and although many supporting players have had sporadic, episodic appearances, it feels like a missed opportunity to not feature them more.

The bounty guild hasn’t really united its efforts to chase Mando and Baby Yoda. They’re all haphazardly out for their individual interests and aren’t teaming up, presumably due to not wanting to split the bounty.

Well, does Mr. Client want Baby Yoda or not? If so, and if he wants to appease whoever is above him in the imperial remnant ranks, he ought to consult with Greef.

There’s a vengeance factor with Greef, too. Mando shot him when they last met. Only Beskar steel tucked in Greef’s chest saved him.

Look for Sir Client and Greef to join forces and figure out a way to reach the elusive, dynamic duo.

Baby Yoda keys a getaway

Pushed to the sidelines often of late, it’s time for Baby Yoda to make something happen. The Client and Greef will be in hot pursuit with their entourage of bounty hunters, and the little adorable baby will aid the escape.

How’s this going to happen? Baby Yoda seems too wholesome to kill anyone. Leave that to Mando and his sharpshooting prowess — or his special gun that explodes adversaries.

Baby Yoda has to use the Force. It’s been entirely too long since that’s happened. Deborah Chow directed “Chapter 3” and is back for this one. It was the most action-packed and frankly the best episode yet.

Let’s see what Chow and writer Jon Favreau have up their sleeve in their latest Star Wars collaboration. I’m reaching out with my feelings into the Force. I’m sensing an epic escape sequence.

Sure, Mando can be badass and stuff. Cool. We’ve seen that aplenty, though. Deploy! Unleash! Baby Yoda!

Cliffhanger: Fennec Shand, Boba Fett leave Tatooine

Think back to that suspense-inducing final frame of “Chapter 5: The Gunslinger.” A mystery character approached the apparently dead assassin Fennec Shand in the Tatooine desert.

Yeah, there was zero payoff to that moment in last week’s episode. In order to set up The Mandalorian‘s season finale, it’d make sense to at least tease whatever was going on there at the end of “Chapter 7.”

My prediction remains that the character is Boba Fett. He’s been hiding out near Mos Eisley spaceport ever since escaping the Sarlacc pit. Boba is a rogue bounty hunter, and he’s allied with Fennec.

I’ve been so wildly wrong about episode-ending cliffhangers thus far, but those were shots in the dark. Not only does this actually make sense — it includes the Boba hot take.

Get ready: we’re going to have a showdown between Mando and a wannabe Mando. Sorry Boba, but the truth hurts sometimes!