Binge You Will Not: Disney+'S &Quot;The Mandalorian&Quot; Will Drop Weekly In Europe
Credit: Disney+

Sorry, Star Wars fans of Europe — when Disney+ debuts on March 24 across your continent, The Mandalorian won’t be bingeable all at once.

This news, articulated in our headline in Yoda semantics, comes straight from the horse’s — mouse’s? — mouth on Twitter:

That’s just cruel, ain’t it? But as an American, I can’t feel too badly. All of us on this side of the pond had to wait every week for a new ‘sode!

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A matter of subscriber retention

There’s a simple explanation for all this, although it’s probably of little consolation for all you UPFs (Mark Hamill’s acronym for ultra-passionate fans). You probably want to go full “Matt the Radar Technician” on Disney+ right about now.

Binge You Will Not: Disney+'S &Quot;The Mandalorian&Quot; Will Drop Weekly In Europe
Binge you will not: Disney+'s "The Mandalorian" will drop weekly in Europe 4

Don’t take it too hard, though. Disney+ is simply trying to avoid subscribers signing up for a free trial, binging The Mandalorian and abandoning ship.

It’s not the greatest look or the ideal consumer experience. However, without spoiling anything about the show in here, there’s a certain mystery and maintenance of big surprises by releasing mere weekly episodes.

Suffice it to say: if you’ve managed to stay away from spoilers for this long, that subscription will be worth every penny. And it will be even if you haven’t.

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Don’t worry — be happy

If you’re really itching to see all episodes of The Mandalorian, chances are, you could’ve already done it by pirating Disney+, even if you live in Europe.

We predicted prior to Disney+’s launch that Star Wars’ first live-action TV series would become the most-pirated show. Well, that certainly came to fruition in short order upon Disney+’s initial November launch.

For those in Europe who fought the good fight against stealing the show or Disney+ subscription, The Mandalorian will reward your — ahem, required — patience. Not only does it look beautiful in 4K resolution, but it’s also unpredictable enough that it’s most exciting to see slowly unfold.

Think about it this way: you can binge the show directly after the Season 1 finale if you wish. Plus, it’ll be fresher in your mind than your early-viewer counterparts, as the sophomore season is coming in October 2020!

More Mando isn’t as far away as many people may realize. Creator Jon Favreau is deep into production on Season 2, ready to continue one of the best Star Wars stories ever.

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