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Apple TV+ has snapped up the rights to the Beastie Boys Story and it will stream in April. If you haven’t subscribed yet, Apple’s launch lineup was brilliant. Unfortunately, the content since launch, with the exception of Servant, has been average at best.

If you haven’t seen The Morning Show, See, or Servant, $4.99 is good value. However, with Amazing Stories and Defending Jacob coming over the next few months, we recommend waiting until late April before subscribing.

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Apple TV+ in 2020 so far

I canceled my Apple TV+ subscription after the last episode of Servant on January 17th. The Octavia Spencer-led Truth Be Told was, in my opinion, a terribly average show, and along with Little America, neither kept me subscribed.

Apple bested Disney at launch, but have followed their lead in 2020. Their lack of originals meant HBO’s The Outsider, and the ridiculous amount of content being output by Netflix, took over my TV. The Apple TV+ service has no variety, and it doesn’t seem to be coming soon.

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Not enough content monthly

Unsurprisingly, Apple’s February lineup of two shows does little to inspire me back to subscribe. It’s not a reflection on the shows, but the quantity of content. Netflix is almost three times the cost of Apple TV+, yet it has 25 times the content per month. In terms of value for money, there is no competition.

The truth is, if you’ve seen the launch line-up on Apple TV+, there is no reason to come back yet. For example, in February, the comedy Mythic Quest and the LGBTQ docuseries Visible: Out On Television hit Apple TV+. These will be drip-fed across 1.5 and two months each. Are either of those shows worth the price of two months? In my opinion, no.

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One month in six, and that month is April

My new logic as a cord-cutter is that I’ll just wait until all episodes are available for the shows I want to watch. If Apple TV+ thinks drip-feeding us content is smart, then in return, it’s only fair to drip-feed them subscription money: one $4.99 payment every six months or so.

It’s ironic that the Beastie Boys Story, a mix of documentary and live concert, hits Apple TV+ late April, because that is the best month to resubscribe it seems. At that point, the service will have all episodes of Mythic Quest, Amazing Stories, and coincide with the release of The Banker, and Defending Jacob. It’s a win-win-win-win scenario for the low cost of $4.99.

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Apple TV+’s 2020 scheduled releases so far

  • Mythic Quest: February 7
  • Visible: Out on Television: February 14
  • Amazing Stories: March 6
  • The Banker: March 20
  • Home Before Dark: April 3
  • Home: April 17
  • Here We Are: Notes for Living On Planet Earth: April 17
  • Defending Jacob: April 24
  • Beastie Boys Story: April 24
  • Trying: May 1
  • Dear: June 5

If you’re a subscriber to Apple TV+, let us know your thoughts on the service so far or check out the trailer for the Beastie Boys Story below.

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