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We’ve got some Disney+ app data and it’s intriguing. The app is currently averaging about one million downloads daily according to Apptopia.

That’s impressive — and puts Disney at about 15.5 million downloads so far in the U.S. This could just be people taking advantage of offers, bundles, or getting their 7-day trial groove on. Or is it something bigger?

Here’s some of the other news coming from the report:

  • It hasn’t affected Netflix and Amazon Prime Video downloads and usage.
  • Hulu and ESPN app downloads have climbed since Disney+ launch.
  • Disney+ has been ranking No. 1 in the U.S. iOS and Google Play app stores.
  • The app has been No. 1 in iOS grossing ranks since 11/19 and since 11/20 on Google Play.

All of that is interesting but bigger than all that is the news about sessions.

“Disney+ has been averaging 25.6 million sessions per day over the last week. Given we have seen 15.5 million downloads over the course of two weeks, this is a sign people are highly engaged with the mobile app. It is likely that viewers are watching bits and clips on their daily commutes”

Disney+ report PDF available from Apptopia

Disney already a giant streaming force

Out of all the Disney+ app data available, the 25.6 million daily sessions is what people should be talking about. That, and stock prices. We are creatures of habit, and it’s a challenge getting someone to download an app. Getting them to repeatedly open and engage is even harder, yet Disney+ is winning that battle.

Most people have apps and games they use daily. From those, 10 are used 96 percent of the time. From those 10, three apps will make up 77 percent of the time spent on a mobile device.

So for the Disney+ app to be getting so many sessions daily from 15.5 million downloads, it shows Disney+ is rapidly becoming part of people’s daily routine.

That means one of two things is happening: people are rushing through content before they lose access, or it’s becoming cultural.

Further data we need to see

Apptopia is a mobile analytics company that offers robust data. Although it’s unlikely, it would be fantastic if we could get some serious app usage info. It’ll never tell us how many watched The Simpsons‘ first-ever episode, but we might get to see how long the average session time is.

This information and future numbers from December will tell us if this is cultural or temporary. It’s exciting to get data, because we’re normally left in the dark. We’ll learn more in four weeks from Apptopia.

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